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Downstream Approvals

We complete all necessary questionnaires and surveys for E-Recycling approval, including answering pertinent questions needed for R2 and e-Stewards and other industry standards. We also provide the latest smelter/processor audit information upon request.

You will have the security of knowing that the smelters and battery processors we work with meet high industry environmental “audit” requirements specific to electronic recycling.  WeRecycleBatteries holds the records for years, so there will never be any doubt that the material was properly disposed.

Certified Solutions

Whenever possible, we verify your battery shipment weight and then substantiate this with:

  • Your company’s Bill of Landing
  • The smelter/processor Certificate of Recycling

After smelter/processor delivery, we email you our Shipment Report, and upon request we will send a copy with Smelter/Processor Certificate of Recycling or Certificate of Reuse.

For years we keep this documentation to show proof of where your batteries have been processed.

Batteries contain lead, nickel, lithium and other metals which are processed to be used in household and industrial products that we use every day. The recovered recycled battery materials create jobs and income for companies in the US, Canada and elsewhere. For example, the lead metal recovered from lead acid batteries is sold to auto battery manufacturers. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) contain lead acid batteries, as well as standby data center/computer batteries. This is one of our value added services – that we are able to capture this lead metal and have it recycled for many years – possibly multiple generations.

  1. Protect your brand:  Make sure your company’s waste is not featured in a potentially damaging public document or media report.
  2. Legal Liability – Avoid illegal or improper disposal of battery products that can result in fines, and even harsher penalties.
  3. Environmental Obligation – Do not become a party to improperly recycled batteries that would harm the environment, and contaminate nearby communities or countries on the other side of the world.
  4. Limiting US EPA Liability for US companies – Since we review our smelters/processors’ EPA status on a regular basis, we follow the law to make sure we are not delivering your material to a location that could be a potential future EPA Superfund site. Through our EPA/Environment Canada Export permits shipping battery waste to Canada our suppliers do not have EPA Superfund Liability.