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Safe & Compliant Shipping

We manage the shipping headaches and teach you how to properly package the batteries according to HAZMAT and Canadian Transport of Dangers Goods regulations. We can handle small loads, as well as truck loads to meet your requirements. Shipping is our responsibility not yours. 

Health & Safety Regulated

We can be the Shipper of Record for delivery to smelters and processors. Every battery processor we ship to is employee health and safety regulated and compliant. Neither we nor our clients are at risk for EPA Superfund clean-up costs!

We understand the risks associated with battery Hazmat shipments, and therefore make proper arrangements to recycle Hazmat batteries.

Most battery shipments are not deemed to be Hazmat in the USA (i.e. Non-spillable Lead-Acid Batteries). However, shipments of certain types of batteries, depending on shipped weight, are considered Hazmat. Please contact us about transborder US to Canada shipments for special Hazmat and Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations requirements.

Hazmat shipments require that the shipper to be trained on hazmat shipping regulations. We can refer you to an online training courses that will allow your shippers to ship Hazmat batteries.