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Our company is different in that we are in the electronic recycling industry rather than the scrap battery business.

Recycling Services

During the initial consultation, we will identify, the types of battery waste by chemistry, then by type, and weight and number of pallets to be shipped. We are the “Sherlock Holmes” of battery identification, when there is no clear indication what the battery chemistry is on the side of the battery. We then provide quotes for each type of battery. By electronic communication or through onsite consultations, we train your staff on the proper battery packaging and legal shipping documentation requirements. We pickup less than truckload amounts, so you can clear the batteries from your facility, without having to build a much larger volume or truckload shipment that could take months or even years to fulfill. This reduces hazardous storage and potential fire risk. We then issue a Shipment Report that indicates the value the batteries that were recycled and/or reused, including payment for positive value or an invoice for negative recycled value. Upon request we provide Certificates of Recycling for end of life processing or Certificates of Reuse for reusable batteries.

Shield Your Client's Corporate Liability

Protect Your Company and the Environment

In Canada and the USA, auto batteries have a 95% recycling rate.

Capturing the lead metal in e-waste lead-acid batteries injects the lead into this very successful auto battery recycling recovery rate, where it has the probability of being recycled for us to 95 years within an auto battery. Hypothetically, your future grandchild’s auto battery may have an atom or two of the lead metal recovered from e-waste lead acid battery you recycle today!

Average auto battery life span is purported to be 5-6 years

95% recycling rate results in 19 auto battery life cycles

19 auto battery life cycles X 5 years = 95 years the lead metal is being put to use.

Just imagine! The simple act of properly recycling one UPS battery means that for 95 years the metal it contains will be used over and over again without further mining for the metal, with the resulting environmental damage this causes.